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  • Rule 1: Respect

    1.1 - Any and all members (Member, Friend, Staff, Administration, etc.) are required to show a level of respect towards other members of the community, at all times.

    1.2 - Slandering or “Talking down” about ANY member is prohibited. (e.g Cursing towards another member, starting rumors about another member, making fun of one's sexual orientation, racial slurs, etc.)

    1.3 - Arguing verbally and/or via text chat is prohibited. If an argument is started a member of staff is to be notified immediately. DO NOT TRY TO MITIGATE THE SITUATION YOURSELF; DO NOT GET INVOLVED.

    1.4 - Respect towards Staff Member(s) actions/decisions regarding any given situation, is required at all times. If you feel you were treated unfairly DO NOT argue with the Staff Member, submit an Internal Affairs Complaint Form.

    1.5 - Excessive cursing is not permitted.

    Rule 2: Songs, Music or other undesirable sounds

    2.1 - All Music/Media is prohibited in all public lobbies (e.g General Lobby, Relaxed Lobby, Lounges, etc.) With the exception of “Night Club.”

    2.2 - Undesirable sounds are prohibited in any group lobby (e.g General Lobby, Relaxed Lobby, Lounges, etc.)

    2.3 - Burping, farting, or any sounds of bodily function are not to be heard through one's microphone.

    2.4 - Yelling, screaming, or otherwise escalating past the normal sound level of one's voice is prohibited.

    2.5 - Excessive background noise through someone’s microphone is prohibited in all lobbies.

    2.6 - Excessive whispering to any user is prohibited. With exceptions in patrol channels.

    Rule 3: Abuse of Power

    3.1 - Any tag that gives one special abilities not normally obtained; is not to be abused in any way shape or form (e.g Moving someone without permission, etc.)

    3.2 - Changing the name of a channel is prohibited unless otherwise authorised by a member of Administration or above.

    3.3 - Changing the description of channel is prohibited unless otherwise authorised by a member of Administration or above.

    3.4 - Editing your display name is prohibited, unless otherwise authorised by a member of Administration or above. Name format should be “First Name and First Initial of Last Name.”

    3.5 - If you are not Staff, DO NOT try to enforce rules. If a rule is broken, contact a member of staff. Staff may NOT Staff another Staff member, contact a member of administration.

    Rule 4: Distribution & Selling of Materials

    4.1 - Distribution of ANY LSPSRP Community Documents or Files (even to other members of the community) is prohibited, unless authorised by a member of Administration or above.

    4.2 - Distribution and/or selling of pornographic material, or any material containing nudity (including partial) and/or sexual reference is prohibited.

    4.3 - Distribution and/or selling any form of illegally obtained software and/or material is prohibited (e.g Pirated games, etc.)

    4.4 - Distribution of images that contain any type of slandering material is prohibited. (e.g Embarrassing pictures of a Member, etc.)

    4.5 - Selling of any items and/or materials (including software) over the LSPS RP Community Discord Server is prohibited.

    Rule 5: Avatars

    5.1 - Avatars may not contain slandering and/or offensive images. (e.g Imposing religion, Imposing Sexual Orientation, etc.)

    5.2 - Avatars may not contain pornographic material, and/or any material containing nudity (including partial) and/or sexual reference.

    5.3 - Avatars may not contain personal images of other people without proper consent from that user.

    5.4 - Avatars may contain your own personal portrait, but no other body parts.

    Rule 6: Supervisors

    6.1 - Sergeants, Staff Sergeants, Master Sergeants are Supervisors

    • Give 10-90 or 10-93’s
    • Coach other officers 
    • Checking if the vehicle structure is followed 
    • May have a Staff Tag

    6.2 - Corporals and Senior Corporals are Supervisors In Training

    • Gives 10-90’s ONLY
    • Coach other Officers within your own department
    • Checking if the vehicle structure is followed 

    Rule 7: Los Santos Public Safety Patrols

    7.1 - Push to talk is required in patrol lobby’s at all time.

    7.2 - All members of the LSPS are required to have a headset while in patrol lobbies.

    7.3 - All RTO Channels must be respected.

    7.4 - Members MUST be in the perspective Patrol Channels while in the LSPS Servers when patrolling.

    7.5 - Members MUST adhere to vehicle, uniform, and weapon structures, as well as all Department/Subdivision Training when patrolling.

    7.6 - Members MUST have an audible microphone while in patrol lobbies.

    7.7 - Members MUST be dedicated to patrols. Watching/playing other media is prohibited while patrolling.

    Rule 8: Respect Administration Team & Their Decisions

    8.1 - Do not ask for promotions

    8.2 - Do not question decisions made by the Administration Team.

    8.3 - Do not lie to Administration Team.

    8.4 - Do not disrespect the Administration Team in any way.

    8.5 - Head Administration is the highest level of staff, as such, their decisions are final.

    Rule 9: Chain of Command

    9.1 - Do not skip ranks.

    9.2 - Do not skip ranks even though that the next high rank member may solve your problem.

    Rule 10: Other Communities & Servers

    10.1 - Members are allowed to be involved with any other Grand Theft Auto V Role-play Community/Clan. However there are certain stipulations in place.

    • All members are allowed to connect to their own private server as long as they are the only ones connecting. 

    10.2 - Applicants seeking to join the LSPS that are currently a member of another community will be required to declare their membership in their application. If they are a ‘staff’ member or equivalent in this second community, they will also be required to declare that in their application.

    • Applicants who are currently staff or equivalent in another communities will be required to acknowledge that will be unable to earn a staff-in-training rank or higher in LSPS.

    10.3 - Current and Future members that hold the rank of ‘staff in training’ or higher will be restricted from joining other communities at any time. If current staff in training members, staff members or administrators wish to join a second community, they will be required to rescind their ranks in LSPS, and to return to a ‘member’ status effective immediately. 

    Rule 11: LSPS Media Assets

    11.1 - English must be spoken in all public lobbies.

    11.2 - LSPS is not responsible for any communication held on any 3rd party application even if it is titled LSPS. Example: KIK, Snapchat, Discord, Tinder, Grindr, WazZup, etc.

    11.3 - Use of any LSPS Asset for personal gain or benefit of non authorised individuals and/or organisations is strictly prohibited.

    11.4 - Coming on LSPSRP’s Discord or Discord Server while under the influence of alcohol or narcotics is strictly prohibited.

    11.5 - Inappropriate, offensive, harmful Discord disconnect/away messages is strictly prohibited.

    Rule 12: Privacy & Security

    12.1 - Sharing of any personal information including but not limited to: Sex, Sexual Orientation, lifestyle, Race, Financial status etc, is forbidden any information that you decide to shared will be at your own risk and LSPS can not and will not be responsible.

    12.2 - It is recommended for all members under the age of 18 years old to have their parents/guardian permission prior to joining any RP (Role Play) Community. 

    12.3 - LSPS business must be communicated on TS (Discord).

    12.4 - Recording in ANY Discord Channel must be approved by Administration.

    Rule 13: Miscellaneous

    13.1 - Rank is considered a privilege; abuse of rank will result in demotion.

    13.2 - Forming a group or “clique” within the community is prohibited.

    13.3 - In order to join a sub-division within your primary department, you must first achieve the rank of Officer/Deputy/State Trooper/Firefighter or higher.

    Rule 14: Inactivity

    14.1 - If a member is to become inactive from the LSPS for more than 7 days, a “Leave of Absence” (LOA) post must be made by the member on the LSPSRP website. 

    14.2 - LOA’s are allowed for up to 30 days. If a member requires an LOA longer than 30 days, they must get Administration approval. 

    • The maximum amount of time Administration can grant an LOA extensions for is 3 months. After the 3 months have elapsed and the member has not returned, they will be removed and asked to re-apply. 

    14.3 - If a member is inactive for 30 days or longer without posting an LOA they will be removed from the LSPS and asked to re-apply.

    14.4 - Administration reserves the right to:

    • Remove anyone from the LSPS for inactivity based on their professional judgement. 
    • Grant extensions longer than 3 months on a case-by-case basis (emergencies or severe circumstances only).



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